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Unable to use app

I purchased this app and still unable to use. I emailed customer service and response was to download pages, which I have and updated and still can not use, I need a refund!

Waste of money

The app says, Language: English. This is not correct. None of the resume examples are in English. The layout of the 10 text-only resumes examples were disapointing. I was not able to use this application.


Templates look great but, I dont speak French and for some reason all of mine are in that language. Its not my Mac. Developer coud you please help me out with this?

It did the job

I am very happy with this, after hours of trying to format my resume, these templates were the solution I needed. Most of the templates are professional & quite nice looking, I found so many options that are perfect for me! Editing my resume was quick and straight to the point. Overall just really easy to use and I had my new resume ready in no time.

save your money.

If you work in the financial industry this app is a huge waste of money!! every resume but the text resumes would hit the trash before a word is read. the 10 text options that are available are super basic and not great. for $10 I dont its disappointing that they dont spend a little time to add more “text” options, there are 100s out there. google resume templates and save money, dont make my mistake.

files won’t open…corrupt files message

Is this not compatabile with Mac? if not I need a refund!

One of the best

A pretty good app to make professional looking resumes.

Great find! Great designs!

I was recommended this app by my friend and I can say that I love it! It has lots of nice looking designs and the cover letters look great as well. All designs are professionally designed, so now my resume looks amazing. Oh yeah, and you can request template designs directly from the developer, which is an awesome feature. 5/5

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